This is when hip hop in my opinion got much darker and grittier. It began to really change from what I knew growing up in the bx and we danced in the park to someone's boom box.

The Wu-Tang Clan's 20-Year Plan

This weekend, hip-hop fans celebrated the anniversary of one of the genre’s most groundbreaking albums Enter The Wu-Tang Chambers) by Wu-Tang Clan.

Wu Tang forever! C.R.E.A.M

when rap meets typography "Cash rules everything around me, C.M, get the money, dolla, dolla bills y'all"

wu-tang clan logo pics | WU TANG CLAN Classic Logo T-Shirt Logo

Show everyone you know your hip hop all stars in these hip hop t shirts! Our hiphop t shirts feature such classics as and Run DMC.

Wu Tang Clan Disciples: wu-art thursday

Every Thursday we will be posting up pics of Wu-Tang artwork from fans, artists and aliens.