Xavier Samuel shines in Adore with Naomi Watts and Robin Wright Penn. Greek Drama!

Exclusive! Xavier Samuel Heats Things Up in Adore

Online has posted a new still for the movie ‘Adore’ starring Xavier Samuel. The movie stars Robin Wright, Naomi Watts, Xavier Samuel and James Frecheville

Xavier Samuel aka Riley from the Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Ian from Adore

Xavier Samuel as Nathaniel Wilson: son of Agatha Wilson, Marcus’s friend, daemon, married to Sophie (daemon born from witch family). -All Souls Trilogy

Why Xavier Samuel is the best thing about ‘Adore’ | EW.com

'Adore': Why Xavier Samuel is the best part

Xavier Samuel as Jack Blackfriars, Diana an Matthew's adopted son from Elizabethan England, eternally 21

xavier samuel

Westerosi delegation to England: Jason Grace. Demigod son of Jupiter, Roman God of Lightning.

Xavier Samuel, i knew i had seen this boy before, he's riley in eclipse

Eclipse (film)

Australian actor Xavier Samuel play's vampire Riley in "Twilight Saga: Eclipse".

Xavier Samuel • Riley Biers

xavier samuel as Gabriel Lightwood in the Infernal Devices --- he would do really good as gabriel but i imagined him more as sebastian :)

Xavier Samuel and Robin Wright

how i love to watch Xavier! ♥(Xavier Samuel and Robin Wright)