I need to remember this when I am feeling down or unloved or wothless

Love this quote for a kids room. You are Amazing. You are Important. You are Special. You are Unique. You are Kind. You are Precious. You are Loved.

varlık kudretli bir sihirse eğer küllerinden doğmalı,ya küllerinden doğarsın ya da gelecek bi fırtınayla dahi savrulursun!! Bahşedenin yuceliginin kirintisi

You Are Magic (Live Life Happy)

You are magic. Don't ever apologize for the fire in you. - Unknown Tagged with: Inspirational , Life , Motivational , Self


Top 50 best Inspirational quotes that every girl should know

Top 50 best Inspirational quotes that every girl should know on quotes Pinned by Green Mountain Lodges Safari Tours.

admiro a la gente que elige brillar aún después de las tormentas

Photo (the world is your oyster, and you are its pearl.)

I admire people who choose to shine even after all the storms they've been through. I admire you, who choose to shine after all the storms you've been through.

I say this to myself everyday.

I do not like Girls who always say."I'm fat, I'm ugly, I am not beautiful". It is like they are having a pity party and only people who disagree and insist the opposite are invited. Shut Up and Listen for once.

I know, you're so lucky to know someone like me. | "Do you even realize how amazing you are to me?"

40 Simple (& Totally Romantic) Ways To Tell Her You're MADLY In Love

Quotes and inspiration about Love QUOTATION – Image : As the quote says – Description Photo enviarpostales.ne… love quotes for her love quotes for girlfriend inspirational love quotes (sweet stuff for girlfriend) -

You are capable of AMAZING things.

Inspirational Printable- You Are Capable of Amazing Things - Digital Download, Printable Art, Motivational Art, Quote Art, Quote Print

Random Acts of Kindness Week Sweet Signs

Random Acts of Kindness Week Sweet Signs (technology rocks. seriously.)

Great Inspirational Quotes

36 Great Inspirational Quotes

"When you can't look on the bright side, i will sit with you in the dark." Relationship quotes and inspirational quotes. These quotes can be helpful to support your relationship goals, advice, tips and ideas for happy friendships, and happy relationships.

Amazing tips on how to write a journal for success!

WHY & HOW of writing journal for success

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