Glorious Primer by Younique

Glorious Primer by Younique, this is why it is very important to use our primer, it's a crime not to prime!

Younique Eye Primer Why You Should Be Using Primer

A to Z of Younique E is for Eye Primer Look at the difference this stuff makes! Apply before your eye make up to give you a more intense colour and major staying powers!

PRIMER. YOU MUST... PRIMER. #younique #primer #doit

An AMAZING demonstration on why you NEED my primer in your daily routine. Fill in those fine lines, wrinkles, pores and have a flawless base to apply your makeup!

Tip Time - Primer

glorious face primer provides a smooth base for your makeup! velvety soft and will help you use less product and keep it on longer!

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It has so many uses - put it on your eyelids to make your shadow color more intense and to prevent creasing, use it on your face to keep foundation in place, finger-comb it in your hair to get rid of frizziness.

I use this after my cleanser every night Also every morning before my primer every morning I also use it mixed with my mineral pigments for a truer colour Also used to set my makeup when it's done. #rosewater #toner #skincare #makeuptrick #beauty #royalty #younique

Honestly so happy I bought this! I have extremely dry itchy skin and this product "cools" it down and helps with irritation!