Wall O Money. Wonder if this long-term fundraiser would benefit other types of groups. Could put up the board at all events: garage sale, halloween party, silent auction. Wall of volunteer opportunities.

Road trip printables for tweens

Summer time means that many are packing up the family truckster and hitting the road! To help make your road trip as fun as possible, here’s a roundup of road trip printables for tweens to take with y

When you’re planning a youth trip, the safety of your young people is of utmost importance. You can’t guarantee that there will never be any problems when organizing off-site activities, but there are a number of things you can do to help mitigate risk. Here are Youth Workin’ It’s 5 Top Tips For Safe Youth …

This is absolutely Genius. Step by step, here's how to set up a “Pick a Number” board to raise support for your mission trip.

Summer Camp Packing List and Tips. packing your kids for those summer trips. Get rid of bible and earnings and I know what Jadyn, Rachel, Rachel's friend Octavia, and I will be packing for Camp.

LW 3 Fitzgerald : 50 Church Fundraising Tips. Raise money for your mission trip, youth group or charitable cause.

Home sweet bus: Student converts old school bus into versatile mobile home (Video)

Architecture student Hank Butitta converted old school bus into a 225 square foot mobile home with small kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Maybe not a "home" but camper and/or party bus.