Add Interest to Your Yard with a Pergola

Add Interest to Your Yard with a Shady Garden. Enjoy the shade created from a Pergola on hot, sunny day.and plants will, too. Use a pergola with a slatted roof and enjoy all of your favorite shade-loving plants. I enjoy shade loving flowers!

Eclectic Bohemian Garden Spaces

this is one of the most fabulous flower plants! I truly love hydrangeas. Can't wait to plant some of these or maybe I'll get lucky and I'll find house with them already planted.bring on the gardening.

Beautiful barn house in Spain. This mood of the patio space. Pergola with vine:

Cut Leaf Daisy (Brachyscome) - Australian native, ideal ground cover, prolific flowering, many colours available

Deck herb garden in crates

DIY Deck / herb garden using wine boxes.okay, first get the lovely deck.then the wine boxes. THEN get the herbs! I'm in LOVE!

How to Introduce Color Into Your Garden

An old tree stump makes a charming Fairy Garden ~ From Sit With Me In My Garden: Whimsical Cottage Gardening.