A Coated stock.

Popular uses of coated stocks include Magazines, photography books and other formats where precision in images need to be preserved but it also gives it a subtle shine.

A print job on coloured stock.

Print on coloured stock is when you print on coloured paper however not all colour will fit well with the paper typically people use black ink on the colured paper.

A metallic Ink.

A metallic Ink.

An Uncoated stock.

An Uncoated stock. Ivory Image is softer in colour and tone Texture is a bit more apparent No shininess

A single colour halftone image in Black Ink (with halftone dots visible).

Single colour halftone image in Black Ink - visible is a series of dots at different sizes. At a distance it gives the illusion of repetitive tone


Embossing Gallery A selection of Embossed works from Watermarx Graphics Watermarx is a licenced CLIQX user

A spot varnish.

How To Prepare Your Artwork for Special Print Effects

A CMYK image (with halftone dots visible).

CMKY half tone dot , creating an colour image with the use of dots in cyan ,magenta , yellow and black

Foil stamping.

Foil Stamping and Embossing