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Running A Home Based Business with a Newborn – A Father’s Perspective

My wife and I knew that when our baby was born, everything was going to change, but I must admit, I totally underestimated just how much our little "bundle of noise" was going to affect our business life as well.

Being a Working Mum – How, What, When and Why

For me I always knew that I would be a working Mum – I love the juggle and the thrill of business and my daughter is happier for it I am sure. For some Mums that decision is not so clear so, what to do when the decision needs to be made to become a …

“A while ago in my house, there was some tension over who earnt the almighty dollar. In particular, who put food on the table and a roof over our heads (Like I couldn’t do that before we were married… yeah right!). With tenacity and my, I am woman hear me roar defiance, I wrote an invoice for a week’s worth of wife/mother duties.”

Stay at Home Mother: devalued and unacknowledged - Family Capers

What My Small Business Teaches My Daughter

What My Small Business Teaches My Daughter - Family Capers

What Makes a great Interview?

Award-winning leader in communications open’s her Little Red Book to help others DIY PR.

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT WHAT MAKES YOU A SUCCESS?  I recently read a lovely article by another blogger Lisasaurus and her thoughts on success.  It really got me thinking about what makes you a success and what is my contribution to the world.  How do I view other people’s success?

Raymond, Psychologist is quoted in this article offering tips. 11 Simple Things To Do Every Day That Can Improve Your Mental Health


It’s You can feel your head getting drowsy as your eyes struggle to stay awake. You know you’ve just got to get through the next few hours before the workday wraps up, but the only thing you want right now is take a nap.


I was a teenager the first time that I was told that my body was going to kill me. Right as I was entering adulthood I was informed that because my mom had type 2 diabetes, my dad had type 2 diabetes…

As a mum who runs a business solely dedicated to other working mothers, many people assume that I must possess the magic formula for creating and maintaining the ultimate work-life blend.

Does anyone really achieve the elusive Work/Life balance?

Tips for Returning to Work Part 1: Returning to a previous job

Tips for Returning to Work Part Returning to a previous job - Family Capers

Paving The Way For Success As A Mum Entrepreneur

7 accounting packages for Australian small businesses compared: including MYOB, QuickBooks Online, Reckon, Xero

Should Parents Encourage Their Teenage Children to Work While Attending School?

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Returning to work after a period of maternity leave is no easy feat, and what mums need most is support and advice that is tailored to their situation

Tips for Returning to Work Part Managing the first months back in the workforce - Working Mothers Connect

Tips for Returning to Work Part 3:  Retraining and Changing Careers

Tips for Returning to Work Part Retraining and Changing Careers - Family Capers