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a white mannequin wearing a multicolored scarf
Handwoven Scarf Dryad Luxurious Handmade Scarf Handspun | Etsy
Knitting, Cowls, Bijoux, Yarn Crafts, Ribbon Yarn Scarf, Upcycle Sewing, Ribbon Yarn, Yarn Necklace
Shabby Chic Textured Yarn Scaft - Tutorial
there are many different types of yarns on this page, and each is labeled with the word fancy / novelty yarns
Terminology: Fancy/Novelty Yarn
iTextiles - Terminology: Fancy/Novelty Yarn
several different types of yarns and crafts with the words 12 ideas for woolly yarns
12 alternative ideas for novelty yarn — Sum of their Stories Craft Blog
12 alternative ideas for novelty yarns