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These are pictures from my Deviantart page. This is where I play around in Photoshop and other programs to stay in practice. I don't own the original pictures or brushes. But the remade artwork is my own creations. Enjoy
Harry potter group wallpaper

Made a Harry Potter fanart wallpaper. The Harry Potter character designs and the background doesn't belong to me.

Bad Robot wallpaper

Fan wallpaper of the little Bad Robot. The Bad Robot and the brushes used are not mine. Hope you guys enjoy the wallpaper as much as I enjoyed making it.

Life Sucks wallpaper

Used a anime picture and added some wording and rain. The picture doesn't belong to me Life Sucks

Toushiro half wolf wallpaper

Used the same Toushiro picture but this time I added fangs, ears and a tail. The Toushiro picture doesn't belong to me I only used it to make fan art th.

Bleach guys fanart wallpaper

found these cool Bleach pics and combined them into one wallpaper. The images don't belong to me, I just did a fan art piece.

Invader Zim wallpaper

A fan wallpaper for Invader Zim. Hope you guys enjoy the wallpaper as much as I enjoyed making.

Happy Halloween Wallpaper

I know it's a bit late but here is a Halloween wallpaper that I made. I don't own the brushes that were used or the anime witch. Hope you guys will enjo.

Want coffee wallpaper

I used the coffee monster picture and added coffee stains to make a wallpaper. The coffee monster doesn't belong to me Want coffee


Another Nana picture, I've added colour to it.

Angel in moonlight wallpaper

Used an anime angel picture and combined in an back ground. The angel picture doesn't belong to me I just used it for fan art. Angel in moonlight

Toushiro Double fanart wallpaper

Toushiro Double fanart wallpaper

Bleach Ichigo-chibi wallpaper

Playing around by Vangie on DeviantArt