Patio pergola decorative laser cut screens add shade, privacy and style. This is QAQs Babylon design. - Gardening Take love the bench seating, and the use of the screen overhead.

Tunis, Tunisia : Tunisia is known for it's intricately carved doors. The door is often the centerpiece of the house.

"This was only part of the house viewed from the internal courtyard of the traditional Tunisian house at Sidi Abu Said, now open to the public as a private museum.

Take a trip to Morocco and chances are you’ll find yourself basking in one of these interior courtyards. A way to bring a green space or even a pool area into the house, courtyards practically define Marrakech‘s traditional palaces called riads.

Sidi Bou Saïd//Sidi Bou Saïd est un village de Tunisie situé à une vingtaine de kilomètres au nord-est de Tunis. Il compte 4 793 habitants selon le recensement de 2004. Wikipédia

Riad Yasmine...Marrakech

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