Unschooling ideas, activities, and organisation to help with the wonderful world of unstructured, child-led learning.
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a planner with the words planning out our unschooling studies
Planning Out Your Unschooling Studies
Unschooling is a method that works well for many families, but it sure can be a challenge to plan for! Here are my tips for staying on top of things.
the back cover of a guide to homeschool method
The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Methods Will Help You Pick a Teaching Method Perfect for Your Family
Homeschool Methods, Teaching Methods, Homeschooling styles, Montessori, Unschooling, Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies, Classical education & more
a young boy looking through a magnifying glass with the words what is unschooling and do unschoolers turn out okay?
What is unschooling? Do unschoolers turn out okay
a poster with the words what does unschooling look like? and pictures of people
Best Place To buy Decorative Paper
children running in the grass with text overlay that says what is unschooling?
What is Unschooling?
What is Unschooling?
a red chair sitting in front of a table with books on it and the words transitioning from traditional school to homeschooling
Homeschool Your Way: A Podcast by BookShark
Episode 4 of Homeschool Your Way Podcast • Search HOMESCHOOL YOUR WAY on Spotify to listen. | When you take your child out of public school to educate at home, the adjustment can be really hard both for the child and the homeschool parent. In fact, expect the first two years to be the hardest. But it gets so much easier after that because you've established your own way of doing things and figured out what works. #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #schoolathome #homeschooling
the beginner's guide to unschooling with pictures of people and boats
The Beginner's Guide to Unschooling - The Paleo Mama
a person using a wood block to make a wooden table with text overlay that reads six ways to unschool math using real life
Six Surprising, Fun Ways to Unschool Math in Real Life - Julie Naturally
How do you #unschoolmath? You can #homeschoolmath using real life and some hands-on tools that encourage math application and understanding, not just memorization.
a young boy looking through a magnifying glass with the words what is unschooling and do unschoolers turn out okay?
What is Unschooling? Do Unschoolers Really Turn Out Okay?
What is unschooling? Do unschoolers turn out okay? Unschooling is a very popular homeschooling method. Unschooling is also a very misunderstood homeschooling style. What's so great about this unschooling method and are unschoolers really able to learn all they need to learn?
someone is unschooling right for their family? - homeschool net work com
Is Unschooling Right for Your Family?
Is Unschooling Right for Your Family? Here are five traits that mesh well with an unschooling approach to home education. Do you have them? If so, you might make a great unschooler! #homeschoolhelp #homeschooling
a stack of books sitting on top of a window sill with the words how to cultivate an unschooling lifestyle in your homeschool
How to Cultivate an Unschooling Lifestyle in Your Homeschool
How to Cultivate an Unschooling Lifestyle in Your Homeschool • Unschooling is more than just not following a curriculum or letting your kids do nothing all day. Unschooling is about creating a lifestyle of learning.It’s about learning to learn.It’s about following what sparks your child’s curiosity most and diving deep. #homeschooling #unschooilng #teaching
a woman and two children reading a book with the caption unschooling is it what you think it is?
Unschooling: What on Earth Is It? - Rule This Roost
Unschooling: Is It What You Think It Is? You may have heard of unschooling, but do you really know what it is? Check out this guide on what unschooling is, how to get started unschooling, a day in the life, unschooling resources and much more! #unschooling #homeschooling
the top ten books to help you learn about unschooling and how children can use it
19 Info-Packed Unschooling Books - Rule This Roost
This list of unschooling books will help you learn a ton about this popular homeschooling method. If you are interested in unschooling, or just need more inspiration, check out these books on child-led learning and unschooling! #unschooling #childledlearning #homeschooling