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"7th Century Saxon beads, usually worn by women in strands across the neck and chest."

Anglo-Saxon Glass beads, fragments and re-used bangles from graves in Each image represents an assemblage of beads from a grave. The scale is graduated at intervals.

Viking Answer Lady Webpage - Viking Beads and Necklaces.  Process vikings would have used to make glass beads, along with their uses.

Viking Answer Lady Webpage - Viking Beads and Necklaces. Glass debris found in a Viking Age glass-worker's shop in Ribe, Denmark.

Glas bead turning over the clay oven. This is how the viking beads got their beautiful stripes and dots.

Glasperlenherstellung am Lehmofen - Making Viking Glass beads over a clay kiln/oven! (The site is in German so translate to read the text, but check out the other photos they have too)

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