Pin 5 - Have questions for the parents about the child's learning, and what they expect, want to see at the centre. This also deepens the relationship within the centre. Question examples - "which learning environment do you value to be more important" then have the answers as being "outside" or "inside". Learning ideas, programs could be shaped from these types of questions from parents.

Another parents wall item. Parent engagement is so important. Small things like this can help parents and teachers communicate better.

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Observations & linking - simple strategies for educators working with the EYLF learning outcomes

How to write child observations, reflect and forward plan.

Outside School Care EDITABLE Planning, Reflection and Recording Documents for OSHC, OOSH, OOSHC, Vacation Care, VacCare, Child Care, EYLF, Early Years to keep track of MTOP outcomes and meet the National Quality Standards NQS outcomes by KR Learning

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