This beautiful and modern base has multiple platforms with open air and nature entrance in it. The rhythm of the Fox Johnston architecture is managed by the

Landscape Design by Marmol Radziner

marmol modern landscaping design plastolux- textures and L-window slit

Contemporary House by AGUSHI and WORKROOM Design

Oban House is a modern property with natural and organic material pallet by building company AGUSHI & Workroom Design in South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia.

A House Forever / Longhi Architects

A House Forever / Longhi Architects

Casa Para Siempre – “House For Ever” – is a private residence located in La Planicie, Lima, Peru. It was designed by Longhi Architects with the intention of

Glebe Residence / Batay-Csorba Architects

Glebe Residence / Batay-Csorba Architects

Built by Batay-Csorba Architects in Ottawa, Canada with date Images by Doublespace Photography . Canadian based practiceBatay Csorba Architects have recently completed the Glebe Residence, a full interior renovatio.

YAK01 by AAd

is a new modernly designed house located on Yen Akat Road, Bangkok, Thailand. The house is specifically designed for a small modern family. It is composed of a 560 sq.m private land and 500 sq. m usable internal space. Even though the usable.

SCT Estudio de Arquitectura

In a word - "linear".

Bosque da Ribeira / Anastasia Arquitetos

Bosque da Ribeira / Anastasia Arquitetos

(Modern Brazilian Architecture) Located in Nova Lima, a city near Belo Horizonte, Brazil lies the Bosque da Ribeira Residence by Anastasia Arquitetos.


Residential Architecture: Freshwater House by Chenchow Little: “.The Freshwater House developed the idea of the operable façade to mediate between the requirements for privacy and shading on a relatively public site adjacent to the beach.