playhouse - so freakin cute

yellow and sweet. Just like our playhouse/garden shed. May add color to door in spring!

Looks like a miniature of our house!  Could make my studio look like this!  {Oh....Honey!}

Hooked on Playhouses

yellow cottage - maybe I should match the door to the peak color? Then put a fancy scrolled white screen door over?

Cubby House Paint Scheme's and Design Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Tips And Tricks For The Best Cubby House Paint Scheme's And Design Ideas. Decorated Cubby Houses Are Becoming Increasingly Popular.

Geez louise. I have been working for hours trying to nail down paint colors and my "whole home color scheme." I have 50 zillion tabs open on my computer and I have looked at far more paint colors t...

Holy Whole Home Color Scheme, Batman!

Galveston Gray as accent wall in living room gray cashmere bottom section of babys room

Paint the cubby - grey & white

The charlie cubby house. Painted in white, and British Paints-Original Grey.