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5 tips to use Evernote for business management
Here's an awesome tool I use in my business that is super powerful in helping you leverage your time and keep you organised... If you're also using it, I'd love to hear how you implement it in your business?
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Password Manager for Families, Enterprise & Business | 1Password
I would be LOST without my favourite password protector! With literally hundreds of secure logins to remember, this handy tool lets me auto-login with just 1 Password (hence the name, I guess!!)
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Flipboard: Your Social Magazine
When it comes to saving time - this tool is the BEST. Flipboard is an app I have on the iPad and I have synced my Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, and LinkedIn accounts to it. The best thing is that I can consume information easily by flipping through pages that resemble a magazine - browsing through all the content I need to stay on top of... Much easier to digest than the boring interface of Twitter!
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For Sale Through Snapnames
The perfect tool for bookmarking all your web content and creating valuable backlinks!
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The All In One Project Management Platform - Teamwork.com
When it comes to managing my outsource team, Teamwork Project Manager is an absoute champion. So many useful features that make it easy to manage all our projects - sign up for free
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Best Note Taking App - Organize Your Notes with Evernote
Evernote is an incredible tool that allows me to bookmark, tag, keep notes and collect my thoughts and ideas into projects. The best thing is that I can access all this data from any computer I am working on....