Fiona Westcott

Fiona Westcott

Fiona Westcott
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Master bedroom floor plan with the entrance straight into the bedroom.  We then progress past the walk-in closets and on to the master bathroom. Click onto site for more analysis.

master walk through closet to bathroom floor plan-make entrance from hall to br-pocket or barn door to rest of bathroom. Convert hall between closets to laundry and move far closet door to bedroom wall side

pictures of storage ideas for mobil homes - could something like this be added in laundry room?

Organized family closet - seriously considering making our master BR closet into a family closet, which is by laundry and the baths everyone uses.

Master bedroom floor plan - souped up hotel room layout.

Have you considered the layout options for your master bedroom floor plans? Interior sites are great for how rooms look but read this first to make sure your master bedroom layout is right.