Mr. Fire Hose

Contest Winner!

Our winner for our first contest! Here is her character Mr. Fire Hose is Mr. He is also our Fan Made character.

Mrs. Water Drops In! |

Mrs. Water Drops In!

Introducing the latest of Molly's friends and the first Fan-Made character ever in Molly, Fire & Friends history! Water she is a drop of water!

Meet Andrew |

Meet Andrew

It’s Super Molly!

It’s Super Molly

Super Molly is Molly's crime fighting alter ego.

Meet Mr Fire |

Meet Mr Fire

Here is Molly's Best Friend! Mr Fire & Molly fight off fire together even though he is fire himself.

Meet Polly |

Meet Polly

Polly is Molly's younger sister who loves Punk. Polly also has a bit of a big head.

Meet Molly! |

Meet Molly!

Meet Mr. Smarties |

Meet Mr. Skittles

One day Molly was eating a packet of skittles when a red Skittle grew in size and came to life his name is Mr.