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Sweet n Spicy Mustard Sauce
[ S W E E T ] ‘n SPiCY mustard sauce. Perfect on corned beef with kraut, in your Reuben sandwich or ham cheese tomato toastie. TM Recipe … takes around 5 min. 1 Onion 1 Chilli 1 teaspoon PHMSalt Splash of olive oil Blitz above for 5 seconds then cook at 100 deg C for 3 min on speed 1. Add 1/2 cup of mustard (I used Hilbilby Dijon) 1/3 cup of ACV 1/4 cup of raw sugar 1// teaspoon cracked pepper Cook at 100 deg C for 2 minutes, then bits on speed 7 for 5 seconds. Pour through funnel into sauce bottle, I’m reusing a @firetonic bottle. Sauce will thicken in the fridge. Makes around 220g Get KEEN, get some sweet spicy mustard sauce into you!!!
[ K R A U T ] 10 weeks @ 1.75% salt … perfectly sauer.
Re-Roasted Beans
Home coffee hack. Using my son’s popcorn maker to darken up some lighter beans at home … this worked an absolute treat however will no doubt irritate the purests 🫤. Top Tips 1 - the beans keep roasting and cracking after you’ve taken them out of machine and you can’t ‘un-roast’ them … so, pull them out just before you think you need to. 2 - you can blend darker with lighter beans at whatever ratio best suits your taste That’s it Simple’s, this was my first ever attempt and it was 👌🏼.
[ D A D ‘ S C i E N C E ] DIY whipper snipper. Our new back yard is small & I mow the grass with an unpowered push mower which leaves the edges somewhat wanting. A HOME FREE mindset helped me tackle the problem with some things I found around the house & BiNGO. ✅ Cordless Drill ✅ Ratchet Ties ✅ Paint Stirrer It ain’t rocket science what to do with these. 10 ratchet ties tight around the head of the paint stirring rod, using drill at high speed.