sticky chicken

Recipes are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free and more, low salicylates and low amines. Suitable during RPAH Elimination and Failsafe Diet.

Failsafe Foodie: Rice Crispy Bars

This is a recipe straight from the Fed Up Cookbook, but with a little difference. I had tried the recipe quite some time ago when we first s.

Failsafe Foodie: Hummus

Failsafe Foodie: Hommus- use less green onion and salt

DIY FAILSAFE Coloured Icing by Lesley

DIY FAILSAFE Coloured Icing by Lesley

"I like to be prepared and experiment at the same time, so I have been doing some testing of failsafe colours you can make yourself, with a red cabbage. I wanted to know what was possible, easily,.

Pear Jam you can enjoy - RPAH Allergy Unit low food chemical diet friendly.

Cooking for Oscar: Pear Jam, Apple and Pear Jam (Moderate Salicylates), & Pear and Nectarine Jam (High Salicylates)

Lemon Juice Substitute

4 tablespoons Warm water 1 teaspoon Sugar teaspoons Citric Acid (vary amount to taste)