Sydney Harbour in New South Wales, Australia. Definitely one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited. Not just that, but the people who live there are all incredibly hospitable. I'd love to go back one day to take in the culture for a week or two.

Australia! Australia! There's nothing like Australia!!!!

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cannot wait to be there!

Sydney Opera House is a stunningly beautiful structure in Sydney which is a must visit place in Australia. Here are some key Sydney Opera House facts.


Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge I have always wanted to visit Australia ever since I was a kid! Hopefully one day I will get to go!

Koala in an Adelaide Tree.  Who's knows, you might see one get drunk and fall out of the tree. Its a fact.  These little guys like to get drunk.

Koala Photograph by Trevor Keyler, My Shot A heavy-lidded koala keeps its cool nestled in an Adelaide tree. These eastern Australian residents spend most of their time dozing in eucalyptus trees, waking up at night to feed on the trees' tough leaves.