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The color back grounds frame birds and flowers. For the larger, one-day events, (basically The happening monthly) I like the idea of having a similar event flier design with slightly different features based on the neighborhood, time of year, etc.

l'Objet qui Parle--Rumored to be one of the best antique shops in Paris......(Objects that speak)...what's not to love!?

l'Objet qui Parle- a most amazing antique store in Paris. allow plenty of time for treasure hunting! l'Objet que Parle 86 rue des Martyrs Paris, 75018 Open Mon-Sat to


pommes frites frittes potatoes sticks food style urban look great unique font industrial feeling and emotion, sophie dupuis


An oh so tempting bookstores in Paris. Exploring the little side streets in search of treasures in Paris!

Live life with no regrets

Have no regrets. NON JE NE REGRETTE RIEN. Simple statement that life is about to be lived without regrets and in full. French inspired matt white poster with gold and black wording.

Paris je t'aime by ~LacuraART (deviantart)

Paris- city of lights, love, and someother stuff. Cant wait to see all of paris from the eiffel tower!

:: longboard girls crew france :oh how I'd love to have the balance and coordination to do this

French Espresso Cups

Set of 4 Hand Painted Espresso Cups - French - Bonjour Ca Va Oui Merci

jetaime wedding sign

One Day In Paris

One of the world's most romantic city to get married.There's no better way to say I got married in Paris then a photo with a jetaime wedding sign.