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Healthy Blueberry Bliss Balls | Packed Full of Protein for an After Workout Snack! #healthy #recipes #delicious #fff

If you’ve tried all of the other bliss balls, and want something a little fancier with more than just three ingredients, then try these! They’re still quick to make, but will look a little more imp…

Lemon Tart Bliss Balls Recipe | Packed Full of Protein for an After Workout Snack!

What are bliss balls I hear your ask? Bliss balls, in my opinion, are a less obnoxious word for Protein Balls and Amazeballs. Let’s be honest here, who can say Amazeballs without sounding like an o…

Super Quick and Easy Chocolate and Date Bliss Balls - Packed With Protein for an After Workout Snack!

If you’re looking for an extra protein hit for after your workout, that tastes yummy and sweet, but doesn’t have any added sugar then we’ve got your covered!

Mini Double Decker Blueberry & Coconut Cheesecakes | #healthy #recipe #dessert #delicious

Double the Fun: Mini Double Decker Blueberry and Coconut Cheesecakes

Christmas Cake Semifreddo | #leftovers #healthy #recipe #delicious #dessert

Ahh Christmas cake… To me, it’s what really signifies the start of the silly season, but that’s mainly because it’s prepared months in advance so that it can be adequately &…

Multi-Layered Chestnut Gateaux! | #healthy #dessert #recipes

We’re still on the theme of trying to finish off the Christmas leftovers, and one thing we had lying around in our pantry was puréed chestnuts (which were originally used to make the turkey s…