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a white table with a magazine on it in front of a curtained wall and wooden floor
DANTE – Goods And Bads
a black table with a bowl on it and two metal legs in front of it
Thomas Elliott Burns
Round UnEven
Art, Studio, Ideas, Décor, Dekorasyon, Round, Onna
a black table sitting on top of a white floor
Leibal — Stabile
a black table that is shaped like a curved piece of furniture on a white surface
SNAKE RANCH — thomforsyth: CANTILEVER TABLE | Nina Cho
a vase with flowers sitting on top of a black table next to a white wall
Klemens Schillinger Shop
three tables and two stools made out of plywood, with one standing on the other side
nikari oy celebrates its 50th anniversary at the 2017 stockholm furniture fair
three different colored stools sitting next to each other in front of a glass window
Reclaimed Walnut Slab Side Table
a white table with two blue columns on it's sides, against a plain background
Chunky Round Table - Light Blue - 140
The Chunky Round Table, from Swedish designer Gustaf Westman, is a dining table with a bold shape and soft rounded edges. The table is made of wood, lacquered for a semi-matte finish. Handmade in Sweden. Available in several playful colors. [b]Material: [/b] Fsc certified mdf [b]Dimensions: [/b] Ø: 140 cm, H: 73 cm
a glass table with two vases sitting on it in front of a white wall
Eny Lee Parker's New Ceramic Chainmail Has a Secret Message Encoded in Its Links - Sight Unseen
a white table sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a white wall
Rotoiti Table
The Rotoiti Stainless Steel table is a great addition to your outdoor seating. Team it with either Piha Loungers or Coromandel Chairs – it looks great with both!