Brown paper grocery bags. wow haven't seen these for decades!

Brown paper grocery bags, we copied the Americans Before this it was string bags.

Perkins paste... or.. a tasty condiment for unhinged 1970s school children..

Perkins Paste ~ glue of my childhood projects. I think I got a high from this stuff.

Garbo - remember when your garbage was collected and emptied by a bloke in ruggers and footy socks?

Garbo Truck - remember when your garbage was collected and emptied by a bloke wearing stubbies and footy socks? Love this, my dad would leave them a of beer at Christmas.

Good old Sunny-Boy - pop em in the freezer and you have an instant Aussie summertime classic!! :) #nostalgia

Sunny Boys, Razzes, Zaps and Glugs - all a huge part of primary school Remember the promo where inside the the label you could win a one- best prize ever!

Female petrol pump assistant in Australia, photographed by Rennie Ellis, 1975

Rennie Ellis was an Australian social and social documentary photographer who also worked, at various stages of his life, as an advertising copywriter, sea

Kings Cross Sydney 1970 Australia

A Bustling William Street (Source: National Archives of Australia)

Yugoslav youths outside a Port Kembla Milk Bar, New South Wales, 1978. Sourced from: I’ll Take Australia, published 1978, by George Lindstrom and David Martin.

wonderful book published in 1978 titled ‘I’ll Take Australia’ featuring fabulous street photography of Australian immigrants and migrants of the

Leon Gregory,The Unseen Hand, Sydney, Australia, 1970-1973 [via My Modern Metropolis]

A few years ago, Leon Gregory reignited his passion for photography when he rediscovered old negatives he had taken of Sydney four decades ago in his old, moldy cupboard. This is what everyday life.

Kings Cross in Sydney 1970 photographed by Rennie Ellis and Wesley Stacey

The Hare Krishna getting out the message in King's Cross, Sydney. Series by Rennie Ellis - A master!

"NSW Police Highway Patrol - Sydney, Australia 1970's

Highway Patrol officers (New South Wales Australia) standing next to their Ford Falcon patrol car Sydney (Note Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background)