Tree decorated with hanging flowerpots and flower bed, great idea but could be done to look a little better

25 Beautiful Backyard Landscaping Ideas and Gorgeous Centerpieces for Outdoor Living Spaces

best garden designs: hanging out If you're lucky enough to have a grand old (and large!) tree in your backyard, make the most of it. This encompassing bench provides plenty of space for a potted garden, while hanging planters add a unique element to this

Making a Tree Ring Seat – Preparation: Garden Bench, Lawn Ornament and Architectual Element All In One |

Tree Bench Designs That Literary Embrace Nature

Nice tree ring/bench or raised flower bed/ bench

A Jacaranda tree blooms purple. They are beautiful! I want one for my yard. :)

Life is so beautiful. We have forgotten the beautiful things of life, remember again. Decorating ideas, accessories, jewelry and beauty of nature are here.

Purple Iceberg- this is tall and partial sun. Hardy. would look good by the carport with the white iceberg climbing roses. 12 foot climber

Burgundy Iceberg rose- finally a rich, velvety purple.

Beautiful Ground Cover Ideas

Beautiful Ground Cover Ideas

Phlox subulata 'Emerald Blue' gives a unique gift of abundant deep-blue flowers on a thick mat of low growing needle-like foliage. Use as an edging in flower beds with spring blooming purple and reds

'Burgundy Iceberg' | Floribunda rose

New amazing flowers pics every day, be the first to see them! Fantastic flowers will make your heart open. Easily get in a great mood and feel happy all day long!

Myoporum parvifolium - effective Australian native groundcover.

Myoporum Parvifolium - Creeping Boobialla // Zone 1 // Ground cover and creeper. An effective Australian native ground cover.

Iceberg Rose - rapid grower, blooms from spring to fall, double white flowers, disease resistant, full sun, planted 5/2011

Iceberg Rose - rapid grower, blooms from spring to fall, double white flowers, disease resistant, full sun.

Stone-lined cages as planters. Also love the ground covers under the tree.

obsessed with this planter, must have for the backyard (plant a plumeria?

Raised Garden Bed - Tutorial - really simple. Can be built around a tree or not.

Easy Raised Garden Construction - My Easy Woodworking Plans

'McCartney Rose' is a hybrid tea rose with double, mid-pink scented flowers in summer and autumn. Rosa 'McCartney Rose' added by Shoot)

As if fame and fortune wasn't enough for celebrities, they even have flowers named after them! Marilyn Monroe Rose Marilyn Monroe, the blonde bombshell, has a soft, creamy apricot colored hybrid ro.

Love this around the big tree

landscape around large tree - Bing Images

Tropical Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard