Qarabali mimli bil-patata l forn -Baked stuffed Marrows | i love maltese food

Qarabali mimli bil-patata l forn -Baked stuffed Marrows maltese food

Maltese corned beef pie - Torta tal-bulibif - A Maltese Mouthful

A Maltese Mouthful - Food inspiration from the Maltese Islands - Shared by an Australian Maltese home cook and food writer living in London

Maltese Ricotta Pie with Lemon Syrup and Pistachios : eat in my kitchen

Maltese Ricotta Pie with Lemon Syrup and Pistachios

My friend Essa baked a wonderful cake a few years ago that I never managed to get out of my head. It was a Maltese cheesecake made with ricotta and eggs on top of a thin short crust base topped wit…

Maltese Qassatat is a Maltese street food made of pastry and ricotta cheese recipe │ Come to Malta and discover our culture. There is no better place to learn English: #malta #food #lifeinmalta

Spending the afternoon at Mum’s watching my parents go through the old worn rituals of making qassatat grounds me. Days like these have a way of making me forget the world and simply sink into a place where the only thing that matters is food and family.

Maltese Bread Pudding! Recipe

Explore traditional festive recipes which represent the heart & soul of the specific culture or religion with links where to buy recipe ingredients.

Maltese Pulpetti (Corned Beef Croquettes) Adapted from Nanna Pulpetti can be made with many other kinds of meat if you're not a fan of corned beef. Some traditional alternatives: tuna, ground pork, ground beef, and hard boiled eggs.

With St. Patrick& Day coming up, I couldn& help but want to make these Maltese croquettes, called pulpetti, since they feature corned .

Traditional Maltese Timpana - One of my favourite dishes to eat in Malta

Traditional local timpana — a baked pasta dish that is a popular comfort food in Malta.

Baked pasta (ghagin) or baked macaroni (imqarrun) as it is mainly known is another dishes we associate as being truly Maltese. It is either made with white penne or rigatoni pasta but this time I used wholemeal penne! Whether it was a Christmas family gathering, a Maltese festival or any other family gathering, we always...Read More »

Maltese Baked Pasta (macaroni) - Ghagin (Imqarrun) il-Forn - A Maltese Mouthful