Viparita Dandasana: inverted staff pose

Some poses, such as Viparita Dandasana (inverted staff pose), can seem very hard to achieve. This week, Franks shows you how to take it step by step, starting with a supported version until you have the strength and flexibility to achieve the full pose.

Is Yoga Evil

A landmark court ruling in California USA is set to reignite debate among Christian communities about whether yoga is leading Christians down the path of evil, according to a report in India news site

Helping you find your boundaries.

Helping you find your boundaries.

Let go, Let in

How I tricked myself into daily practice

2014 Iyengar National Convention rocks it

National Iyengar Yoga convention attracted 250 participants including thirteen senior Iyengar yoga teachers who lead the event.

Yoga helps war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder

It’s no secret that yoga can aid mental wellbeing. What is more, it can help soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, according to new research. Some of the most damaging consequences of seeing combat can happen in the mind.

Strength and flexibility: Are Pilates and Yoga comparable

Strength and flexibility: Are Pilates and Yoga comparable

How yoga makes me forget I have fibromyalgia

Most of us opt into yoga for fun and general health; for Vicki Gordon it’s a lifeline. Yoga is helping her beat the unbearable pain of fibromyalgia.

My reflections of BKS Iyengar

My thoughts on the passing of BKS Iyengar, founder of the Iyengar School of yoga

In my darker moments, Mr Iyengar's light still shines

Iyengar Yoga Retreats And Food