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De Young Museum - Courtney Krause Portfolio

De Young Museum Case Study Construction II_Winter 2013 Team: Courtney Krause and Maggie Hummel Construction analysis of the copper paneling system, along with the attachment unit, were the main focus.

A diagram shows a living room that has used light shelves to create a glare-free area for the wall with the television, but still allows nat...

Diagrams shows a room that using light shelves to create a bright area, as well as allows natural sun light to fall on the other side of the room. The diagrams also show light shelves being used to direct passive light inside the room.

A great example of Unity; with the repetition of the arc structure.

Unity and repetition. A great example of Unity; with the repetition of the arc structure and reflection, place this image in a way that brings them all together. The spacing within the shadow on the wall also creates the sense of great proximity and mood.

路易斯康的建筑为何给人一种难以表达的惊喜与神秘感? - 后现代主义 - 知乎

The Kimbell Art Museum, in Fort Worth, Texas was designed by Louis Kahn in is a remarkable piece of modern architecture that pays special attention to materiality, light, and entry sequence.