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Your 80 page extensive guide to Puglia is now live! It has everything you need to fall in love with
Your 80 page extensive guide to Puglia is now live! It has everything you need to fall in love with the most beautiful place on earth! Itinerary ideas, hidden gems, tips from locals, language advice, where to go, what to eat. And its on sale for the first 24 hours 💙 - #puglialovers #italylovers #visitpuglia #pugliatour #pugliaguide #pugliatips #learnitaliantiktok #lifeinpuglia #discoveritalywithme #practiceitalian
The "Sugar church" of Rome 🍡
Few steps away from the Pantheon there is a small church 🔸 This is the church of Santa Maria Maddalena, which has just recently undergone restoration, so it’s a must-see if you are in the Pantheon area! 🤩 🔸This church was built where once upon a time there was a little chapel from the 1300s dedicated to Maria Maddalena 🔸Then in the 1500s San Camillo del Lellis built a church (to replace the chapel), as headquarter of the Order of the Camillians, that he founded 🔸In the 1600s the Camillians decided to rebuild anew the church and to also opened the square where the church is: Piazza della Maddalena 🔸The style of this church facade is called Rococò style (in short: Baroque style brought to the next level). This style was quite unusual for a church and it was very criticized at t
8 places you must visit in Milan
One of the most beautiful terraces of Rome
Only until September! ➡️ This is the top terrace of the Vittoriano monument in Piazza Venezia, one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Rome 🤩 You can access this area all year long but, until September 16th, every Friday and Saturday you can stay longer until 10:30PM! This means you’ll be able to watch the sunset and then the stars, over the skyline of Rome 🧡 Are you going?? 🔸 To discover more Rome gems visit us ⤵️
How to Spend One Day in Florence, Italy
Florence | Florence Aesthetic | Italy | Florence Italy Travel | Florence Italy Itinerary | Florence Italy Photography | Florence Italy Photo Ideas | What to do in Florence Italy Travel | Florence Travel Guide | Italy Travel Guide
Palazzo Barberini in Rome: a museum you don't want to miss
Palazzo Barberini was built in the 1600s by Pope Urban VIII of the Barberini family. The emblem of the Barberini’s were the bees. They sprinkled bees on any thing they built or renovated in Rome while Urban VIII was the Pope in charge 🐝🐝🐝 This palace became the family residence of the Barberini’s and today houses part of the collection of the Galleria Nazionale di Arte Antica (National Gallery of Ancient Art). Have you been to Palazzo Barberini? What did you like the most? Tell us! ⤵️
Here's your day trip to Rome guide
Some of the best places to eat in Rome.✨🍝
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Eating In Rome For 24 Hours
Must Try Restaurants in Rome Italy
The best restaurants in Rome recommended by the Romans - part 4
What’s YOUR favourite Rome restaurant? Tell us! 🔸 To discover more Rome gems visit us ⤵️