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Working on the wildflower letters 💕
If only it was this quick to draw in real life 😅
Wildflower Letter Art Prints
Working on finishing more Wildflower Letters this Easter Monday morning ✨ only a handful left to do now including this ‘W’ 💃 It’s also my birthday today so I’m thinking a trip to Eckersleys is in order 🥳 which other lucky ducks have a birthday that falls on Easter? . . . . . #artprintsforsale #artprint #artprints #australian #australianart #australianartist #australiannative #australianflora #australianartwork #copic #copicmarkers #copicmultiliner #copicmultiliners #handmade #originalart #bhfy
Drawing up a palm storm
Playing with some new ideas and layouts with palms!
Eastern Whipbird
Some colour with Copics today 💚 the Eastern Whipbird... but in green 😂 y’all know I love a good colour change up (Blue Cockatoo anyone?) but I’m loving this end result right now, it feels like some sort of fairy inspired bird 💕 . Kind of a strange bird to draw, but I just figured out this is the bird I hear all the time in the bush! That whip crack bird sound.. I love it, it an absolute favourite sound of mine 😍 alright now for a background. I’m thinking gold, similar to the Cocky- what do y
Starting the day with Wildflower Letters
Love drawing these 😍
a drawing of a flower on paper next to a marker and pen with the image of a sunflower
Sneak peek of the Waratah
Something im working on...
So many prints ready!
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