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hi my name is Roxy, i live in south Australia.
Chloe Latham
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My twin daggers. Also known as death itself if you try to kill/hurt me or my friends. They are could finiás. (Killer) They turn into 2 hair clips.

Swords and knives from the medieval period is part of a fascination with military battles from the renaissance era. <<< It would suck massively to get stabbed with this

RWBY, Renora, LieRen, NoraValkyrie, JauneArc

Inspired by one of the recent RWBY Chibi episodes RWBY (c) Rooster Teeth Art by Me Permission is the key

Jaune's "team meeting" was literally the best part of the episode

Jaune's "team meeting" was literally the best part of the єριѕσ∂є, иσ кι∂∂ιиg, fυ¢кιиg ℓσνє∂ нιѕ ѕαναgєяу.

Wow that would totally work.

Wow that would totally work on me id scream polo and jump out the window tbh

02 - 'HNNGGHHH!!' by *VnixxiR on deviantART, the power of pure adorableness

Haha, Ruby could get out of so much trouble with her puppy eyes. And her kick-butt sister.