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someone's feet on the edge of a mountain with mountains in the background and green valley below
Hiking in Norway - Åndalsnes - Nesaksla Mountain
The breathtaking view from the top of Nesaksla Mountain in Norway. I completed this hike in August before continuing on the incredible Trolligsten road. Read about my trip in Norway here.
a woman sitting on top of a mountain looking at the valley and mountains in the distance
Hiking in Norway - Åndalsnes - Nesaksla mountain
The next day, we made for the town of Åndalsnes for a hike. This one was far more gruelling than the previous day’s: a near three-and-a-half-kilometre trail that ran about 480 metres mostly uphill from Åndalsnes, past the famous Rampestreken viewpoint, and to the top of Nesaksla Mountain. Read more...
Exploring Norway in Summer
In case you’re planning a trip to Norway, or just in the mood for a little wanderlusting, here's a recap of my recent adventure discovering the city of Oslo and the Fjords of the western coast.
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Sailing the Whitsundays
Proserpine is the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands by air, situated a short 30-minutes’ drive to the region’s springboard that is Airlie Beach. Of the 74 islands that make up the Whitsundays, I have read, just eight of them are inhabited. Inevitably, the opportunity to explore and rest upon the fringe of untouched, unruly rainforest, to frolick in quiet waters, and to entertain notions that this could mimic being lost at sea abounds... Photo credit: Lizzie.
a man laying on top of a boat reading a book
Sailing the Whitsundays
The sun, the sea, a sailboat and a story. I recently spent a week in the Whitsundays, lazily gliding to dazzling island after the next on Miss Devereaux, her stern was the perfect place upon which to disappear into the pages of a book while she brought us to our next adventure. Tap the link for more. ⛵🌊🌞
a man sitting on the side of a sail boat
A guide to sailing the Whitsundays in 2021
The Whitsunday Islands are made up of sand so white it’s almost hard to look at, water so clear it’s hard not to look at in disbelief, and (mostly) untouched, untamed wilderness everywhere in between. Here's my guide to sailing the Whitsundays in 2021.
Australian Travel Diaries - Kangaroo Island Travel - A Lavender Farm at Emu Bay Lavender Farm with Lavenders in bloom and a rustic shed in backgroud. Plants, Bloom, Garden, Farm, Lavender Farm, Where To Go
5 Days on Kangaroo Island | From E to You.
DAY 3 📍Kangaroo Island - Little known fact* about lavender farms is that you must run your hands through the lavender at least once per day to keep the herbs happy & healthy. 🖐️💜💜💜 Had a delightfully aromatic morning among the fragrant blooms at Emu Bay Lavender Farm 🐝 Read my Kangaroo Island travel blog at the link! *Not an actual fact.
Wine tasting at Dudley Wines on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, with a view of the Australian mainland in the distance. Home Décor, Wines, Beautiful, Dudley, Enjoyment, Kangaroo Island, Wine, Home Decor
Dudley Wines | From E to You.
DAY 2 📍Kangaroo Island | I couldn't brie-lieve this view 😉🧀 Enjoyed a scrumptious tasting platter at the beautiful Dudley Wines - with the Australian mainland looking mighty mystical through that mist. 👋 Included the unedited version of the photo (cos I like to keep things real), & if you're interested, check out my Kangaroo Island travel blog at the link! * #seesouthaustralia #authenticKI #holidayherethisyear #seeaustralia
Flinders Chase National Park, Kangaroo Island, South Australia Kangaroo, National Parks, South Australia, Australia Travel, Beautiful Islands
5 Days on Kangaroo Island | From E to You
In January 2021, exactly one year after devastating bushfires ripped through the region, I visited Kangaroo Island. Here's my travel diary, plus a few tips on where to go, what to see, and the best way to get around the beautiful island. #FlindersChaseNationalPark #TravelAustralia #TravelSouthAustralia #KangarooIsland #Travel #Australia #Travelblog #Blogger #Writing