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Kitchen Visit: Joanna Goddard at Home in Brooklyn | The Kitchn
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a bath tub sitting in front of a colorful wall with geometric designs on it's sides
Продуманный дизайн вне времени!
a bookshelf filled with lots of books next to a dining room table and chairs
Joanna Goddard’s Streamlined Brooklyn Kitchen
Kitchen Visit: Joanna Goddard at Home in Brooklyn | The Kitchn
a pink room with two chairs and a green door in front of the doorway is a brightly colored wall
Elizabeth’s Colorful and Adventurous House
Elizabeth's Colorful and Adventurous House
the hallway is painted bright pink and orange
This Refreshed 1953 Bungalow Is Now a Colorful, Maximalist Forever Home
a colorful living room with striped walls and pillows on the couch, along with an owl pillow
Luftiger und verspielter Glamour auf dem Land
Das Fernsehzimmer ist komplett mit dem Outdoor-Stoff 'Après-midi à Giverny' aus Demeyers eigener Kollektion ausgekleidet. Den Boden deckt ein softer Bouclé-Wollteppich, das große Vintage-Metallobjekt ist eine Lampe. (Foto: Belén Imaz; Styling: Pete Bermejo)
a bed topped with lots of pillows and pictures on the wall above it's headboard
Knock Knock With Eppie Thompson.
Knock Knock With Eppie Thompson.