Fruit Cake!  Available at Fusion Cafe!

Fruit Loaf - If you like something like a little sweet treat with your morning coffee, then try this recipe. Another great thing about this fruit loaf is that it has no refined sugar and it’s not too sweet. It’s high in protein and it’s gluten free.

Scrambled Eggs. Available at Fusion Cafe!

Really good scrambled eggs 2 free range/ organic eggs pinch sea salt 1 generous heaped teaspoon thick natural organic yoghurt or coconut milk Chives, chopped a few sprigs.

Gluten Free Chia and Blackseed Porridge with Figs. Available at the Fusion Cafe!

Chia Porridge with Pear Cinnamon + Vanilla ~ Power porridge made from fresh pear, chia, flaxseed, a little spice and your choice of milk. The fruit varies and it has a smooth, buttery flavour.