Bacon and sweet potato slice

Bacon and sweet potato slice

Sweet Potato and Bacon Slice A yummy slice that the whole family will enjoy. Great for kids' lunch boxes or a small morsel to nibble on when the worms are biting.

Bailey's Brownies

Bailey's Brownies

1 box brownie mix c. sweetened condensed milk 1 c. milk chocolate chips c. vanilla extract Pinch salt - Just make the frosting as a fudge - I am gluten free

One of Woman's Weekly's most popular recipes, this tasty zucchini slice is so…

Zucchini slice

One of Woman& Weekly& most popular recipes, this tasty zucchini slice is so healthy and versatile. Enjoy it warm with a side salad, as a vegetable accompaniment to your meal, or refrigerated and popped in a lunchbox for work or school.

Pecan pie is a classic Thanksgiving dessert. This year, make it a little easier on yourself and turn this pie into bars. Thanksgiving Pecan Pie Bars have a crust that will melt in your mouth and have just the right amount of sweetness.

Make homemade lunches tastier with these healthier slices that go great in the lunch box.

12 healthier lunchbox slices

Make the kids feel special on their first day of school with a tasty lunch of vegetable and rice slice.