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Four Steps to Boosting Your Savings ‹ Insular Life Saving Tips

Knowing the causes helps prevent the onset of dread diseases. But just in case you get hospitalized in the future, it’s good to have a safety net that provides funds for health expenses. Visit and learn how our Health Packages can help you prepare for future health expenses. #HealthisWealth #ILHealthPackages

Join and here in Mother's Day Picnic event at the UP Sunken Garden. Play Jenga and get a chance to win Insular Life's Children's book.

This Mother's Day, let's all thank our moms for her pearls of financial wisdom. @msleasalonga known for her unforgettable theater roles, is a MOM first and foremost. Grab copies of Good Housekeeping and  Working Mom magazines  this May and get to know her way on how to be financially prepared. #HappyMothersDay

Few days to go before you cast that vote. Think long and hard. Choose those who will work for a better Philippines for your children, grandchildren and the future generations.