Olinda Falls - Melbourne

Olinda Falls in the Dandenong Ranges is a beautiful spot that is easily accessed by Falls Rd next to the Rhododendron gardens and a short 500 meter stroll to the falls from the picnic ground.

Melbourne WeekendNotes - Free Family Fun Day at Rhododendron Gardens - Melbourne

There is a great free family day coming up at the National Rhododendron Gardens in Olinda. This is a great family event.

Rhododendron Gardens courtesy of Victoria Parks website

The National Rhododendron Garden is one of the most magnificent gardens in springtime and well worth visiting anytime of the year, especially considering the garden is now free entry.

Mazes in Victoria

Victoria is definitely not lacking in mazes, and why not? They provide a peaceful day out with friends or children, providing the opportunity to take a nice walk but at the same time, have a little fun.

Picnic table at Grants

Heres a top spot to take visitors, especially when kids are involved, where friendly parrots and rosellas eat from your hand.

Woodlands Picnic Area

Woodlands Picnic Area has a fantastic playground and a large picnic area, providing hours of free

Melbourne Picnic Spots - WeekendNotes

Discover all kinds of wonderful places to have a picnic all over Melbourne. 2 events, 403 articles, 18 questions, 281 places, and 32 lists for Picnic Spots in Melbourne.

Warburton Day Trip

Wheres Australia's Best Sea or Tree Change Location?

Entering O'Donohue Picnic Ground

Take an enjoyable bush walk through the Dandenong Ranges tall mountain ash and picnic with the entire family at O'Donohue picnic ground.