ESSASTONE Galileo Available 20mm

Possibility for island bench - Galileo

ESSASTONE French Black Available 20mm

ESSASTONE French Black Available 20mm

CAESARSTONE Cocoa Fudge™ Available 20mm

Looks a bit like granite: 4260 Cocoa Fudge™ by Caesarstone - A deliciously organic, rich, blended classic warm brown

CAESARSTONE Raven™ Available 20mm

Raven™ Part of the deluxe range, Raven is slate grey with a slightly dappled look, adding texture and a tactile appearance. Raven is a delicately blended two tone grey, perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

CAESARSTONE Oyster™ Available 20mm

Oyster is a mid grey shade with darker toned quartz chips blended to create a natural looking surface.

CAESARSTONE Atlantic Salt™ Available 20mm

It’s intricate, sculpted design and combination of white, taupe grey and black colors echo the natural structure of inspiring aged granites weathered by the ocean. The white accents work with clean minimal interiors as well as more traditional.

CAESARSTONE Mink™ Available 20mm

Mink™ Created using patented colour combining techniques, Mink® combines a fine textured grain with a dappled tonal pattern to create a rich brown surface with an organic appearance.