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a woman tending to plants in a garden with the words why garden consulting is the perfect part - time business
Why Garden Consulting Is the Perfect Part-Time Business
Garden consulting is a great part-time job or even just a side hustle if you're looking to work mostly from home and/or set your own flexible hours.
a man sitting in front of a microphone with the title 5 habitts to grow your dream
5 Habits to Grow Your Dream Business with Dean Graziosi
Join me as I talk to Dean Graziosi's about the 5 habits from his book, Millionaire Success Habits, that changed my life & helped me start my business.
two women are tending to plants in the garden with text that reads, simple ways to earn $ 3, 000 as a garden constant
Simple Ways to Earn $3,000 as a Garden Consultant
Learn the simple system I followed to make extra money working as a garden consultant part-time. You can use my system to work 1 hour or 40 hours a week.
Is this you?! Apply to be a Gardenary Consultant if you want gardening to be your 9 to 5
Head to if this sounds like you! If you love gardening, you CAN make a living from the garden everyday! I'll teach you everything you need to know in Gardenary's certification program so you can start your own busniess. If you get excited about sharing the joy of gardening with others, this is the program for you. Wanna find out if it's a good fit for you? Go to my website an application to join me for the Gardenary certification!
a woman standing in a greenhouse surrounded by flowers and plants with the caption here's what your 9 to 5 could look like as a garden constant
Here's What Your 9 to 5 Could Look Like as a Garden Consultant
If spending your 9 to 5 hours in the garden sounds a lot better than sitting at your desk, check out a workday in the life of a garden consultant.
two women tending to plants in a garden center with the title why garden consulting is the perfect career for moms
Why Garden Consulting Is the Perfect Career for Moms
Have you been searching part-time jobs for stay-at-home moms? If you're a gardener, then I have the perfect career for you. Bonus: set your own hours.
a woman standing in front of a garden with the words how i learned $ 500, 000
How I Earned $100,000 as a Garden Consultant in Just 15 Months
My garden consultant business model is easy to replicate. Learn the five steps to start earning money gardening right away.
two women looking at plants with the words is starting a garden business worth it?
Is Starting a Garden Business Worth It?
Starting a garden business changed my life for the better. Here are stats about the garden industry that'll make you want to start your own garden business
a woman tending to her garden with the words how to make money gardening as a side hustle
How to Make Money Gardening as a Side Hustle
You can run your own garden consulting business working just a couple hours each week. Learn how to build your dream career around your busy schedule.
two people working in the garden with text overlay that reads where can a garden consultant work?
Where Can a Garden Consultant Work?
A garden consultant can work just about anywhere—in schools, restaurants, and event spaces. New opportunities open up every single day in this industry.
a woman holding up a plant with the words $ 100 start - up how to start a garden business from the ground up
$100 Startup: How to Start a Garden Business from the Ground Up
You don't need a ton of money and a never-before-thought-of-idea to start your own business. You already have everything you need to become an entrepreneur
a woman holding a bowl of vegetables with the words behind her, behind the scenes of growing my garden constant business
Behind the Scenes of Growing My Garden Consulting Business
This is how I grew my own successful garden consulting company with just $450 in the bank, working part-time while my 4 kids were at school.
a woman standing in front of a garden arch with her arms up and the words, my biggest win as a garden constant
My Biggest Win as a Garden Consultant
Being a garden consultant is about more than making money—though you can earn a great income. You can also have a real impact on people in your community.
a woman tending to her garden with the words how much can you make as a garden consulting
How Much Can You Make as a Garden Consultant?
Your knowledge of the garden—even if you wouldn't consider yourself an expert—is worth so much more than you might think. Here's what you can really make.
two women tending plants in a garden with the words would someone hire you to be their gardener
Would Someone Hire You to Be Their Garden Consultant?
Billions of dollars are spent in the landscape/garden industry each year, and yet nobody seems to know what they're doing. Here's how you can help.