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a woman in white shirt standing next to flowers and plants with text overlay that reads how to cut back chives and what to do with their blossoms
How to Cut Back Chives and What to Do With Their Blossoms
Whether you're a master gardener or a beginner, chives are a terrific plant to grow. Here are some tips to keep your chives thriving & producing blossoms.
an image of a woman in the garden with gardening tools on her hand and text that reads, 6 essential gardening tools for beginner & advanced gardener
6 Essential Gardening Tools for Beginner & Advanced Gardeners
These are the only gardening tools you need to plant, tend, and harvest from your kitchen garden. Add these six essentials to your garden tool belt.
a woman holding a plate of food in front of some plants and flowers with the words how many tomatoes can you get from one plant?
How Many Tomatoes Can You Get from One Plant?
Learn tomato growing tips to maximize your production and fill your harvest bowl all summer long!
watermelons are ready to harvest in the fall and winter, with text that reads 5 signs your watermelons are ready to harvest
5 Signs Your Watermelons Are Ready to Harvest
Learn when to harvest perfectly ripe watermelons for peak flavor and nutrition, plus the best method for harvesting homegrown watermelons.
the front and back cover of a garden plan for shea mcgee's kitchen garden
Gardenary's Planting Plans for Shea McGee's Kitchen Garden
See how Gardenary planted up Shea McGee's kitchen garden for summer, including our planting plans for her herb and vegetable beds and cut flower garden.
three pictures with the words 3 signs your eggplant are ready to harvest
3 Signs Your Eggplant Is Ready to Harvest
Learn when to harvest ripe eggplant for peak flavor and texture, how to tell if an eggplant is overripe, and the best method for harvesting eggplants.
the ultimate guide to summer gardening in your backyard or garden, with pictures of different plants
The Ultimate Guide to Summer Gardening
Fill your summer garden with the right plants for your climate and then follow these summer gardening tips for abundant harvests from June to September.
tomatoes in a bowl with the words 3 signs your tomatoes are ripe and ready to be harvested
3 Signs Your Tomatoes Are Ripe and Ready to Be Harvested
Look for these three signs to know when to harvest ripe tomatoes at the peak of their flavor and texture. Nothing beats vine-ripened tomatoes!
Flowers can make your vegetable garden more beautiful, productive, and fun! Here's my cheatsheet for the best flowers to add to raised beds each season. Herb Garden, Companion Planting, Planting Flowers, Growing Seeds, Flowers Perennials, Seasonal Garden, Garden Pests
14 of the Best Flowers to Grow in a Vegetable Garden
Flowers can make your vegetable garden more beautiful, productive, and fun! Here's my cheatsheet for the best flowers to add to raised beds each season.
the complete guide to growing organic squash in a kitchen garden
Your Complete Guide to Growing Organic Squash in a Kitchen Garden
Learn how to plant and grow summer squash and zucchini in a raised garden bed or in the ground, plus how to troubleshoot common squash growing issues.
an image of a garden with plants growing in it and the words companion planting made easy 6 steps to create your own companion gardening plans
Companion Planting Made Easy: 6 Steps to Create Your Own Companion Planting Plans
Learn 6 simple steps to create companion planting plans for your garden, no restrictive companion planting charts required, from a professional gardener.
the best companion plants for tomatoes in an organic kitchen garden
The Best Companion Plants for Tomatoes in an Organic Kitchen Garden
Grow tomatoes with good companion plants like these flowers, herbs, and leafy greens to maximize your garden’s health and productivity.
a woman kneeling down next to a garden filled with plants and animals, while another person crouches in the background
Weird Things I Do in the Garden That Actually Make Sense
I may not follow conventional gardening rules, but my garden is beautiful and productive. Most important, I have fun while I'm gardening, & you should too!
the best herbs to plant in your kitchen garden to repel garden pests
The Best Herbs to Plant in Your Kitchen Garden to Repel Garden Pests
Add these 8 herbs to your kitchen garden to repel pests as small as aphids and as large as deer, and everything in between. This is natural pest control!
the garden is full of lettuce and other green plants, with text that reads 3 signs your romaine lettuce is ready to be harvested from the garden
3 Signs Your Romaine Lettuce Is Ready to Be Harvested from the Garden
Look for these signs that your romaine lettuce heads are ready to be harvested. But you can actually harvest outer leaves from the plants much sooner!