McLeod's Daughters - Photo Gallery

McLeod's Daughters - Kate Manfredi, Jodi Fountain McLeod, Alex Ryan and Stevie Hall at the wedding of Nick Ryan and Tess McLeod

McLeod's Daughters (2001) This empowering hit Australian drama series reunites a pair of long-lost half-sisters who inherit their father's financially troubled farm. this series is absolutely the best! it's available on netflix instant streaming.

McLeod's Daughters: Season 1 They’re Ordinary Women Facing the Extraordinary Adventure of Life on the Land The landmark first season of McLeod’s Daughters marks

Men of McLeod's Daughters, (left to right) Jonny Pasvolsky plays Matt, Brett Tucker plays Dave Brewer and Aaron Jeffery plays Nick Ryan. Watch McLeod's Daughters on Hulu (if only for the eye candy!

Lisa Chappell (TV Star), she is best known for playing Claire McLeod on the Nine Network drama series McLeod's Daughters (Australian based TV hit series). Born in Auckland, New Zealand.

Fabulously talented lady who can sing and act--also gorgeous. Lisa Chappel played Claire in the first three seasons of McCleod's Daughters.

McLeod's Daughters, Michala Banas...

Not only beautiful but a delightful actress as well!

Kate & Jodie Troublesome teenagers become best friends

Kate & Jodie Troublesome teenagers become best friends