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the front end of a black motorcycle with chrome exhaust pipes
motobilia: Koehler Escoffier 1000 by -BigBlockAgency- #flickstackr Flickr: http://flic.kr/p/5HdzFH
two men standing next to each other near a motorcycle
Irving Vincent - Daytona - Winner of the battle of the Twins 2008 Daytona USA
a man riding on the back of a motorcycle
Beau piloting the Irving Vincent 1300 V Twin at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012
there is a black motorcycle with white stripes on the front and side, along with other motorcycles
Irving Vincent - Daytona 1600
a man standing next to a motorcycle in a room filled with other motorcycles and equipment
The Brothers Horner started building bikes in their dad's garage out back of the family home in Waverley Rd in the late 60's. With a lot of passion, and after many years of gruelling work in the engineering world, they have now created their own laboratory to build their creations. Though this looks more like a medical facility! Two of their adolescents in for a check up.
three men sitting on their motorcycles in front of a sign
Winners of the Australian 2015 Super Bike Championship - FX Pro Twin series. IV 1600 four valve V twins. (Plus a two valve V twin in the middle). (L-R) Barry, Baeu and Ken, Team Irving Vincent.
a motorcycle engine is shown in this image
Buck naked & missing a few bits!
a person riding a motorcycle on a race track
Sweat! IV Daytona 1600cc
a motorcycle is shown on a white background
The contender and champion, 1600 push rod, four valve, V twin, Irving Vincent. FX Pro-Twin 2015 winner.
the motorcycle is being worked on by some mechanics in a garage with other tools and equipment
The bare bones of the Beast. Island classic will be its first race.
a motorcycle engine sitting on top of a black table next to a yellow and white hose
Engineering at its best!
a motorcycle engine is being worked on in a shop or repair area with other equipment
Minimal but effective. Barry knows how to design and build an outfit. Notice the attention to detail.
two men riding on the back of a motorcycle down a race track in front of another man
2016 Island Classic, first race weekend for the new Vincent outfit. Race one started last however finished 2nd, race two also finished 2nd. Great reference points to develop the outfit from for the coming year.
a man riding on the back of a motorcycle down a race track
2016 Island Classic - This 1300 V twin push-rod Irving Vincent gives away 15 kph in straight line speed however still managed to win two International Challenge races. How? It's the team package; rider, tyres, suspension, bike set up, engine and the engineers Ken & Barry Horner.
Hmmmm. Because he can! Monster Trucks
Hmmmm. Because he can!