Gary Mallett
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Traktor DJ on the iPad

After some pictures Native Instruments released of DJ's using some kind of iPad app, they today made it all official and released that what many of us already expected, a Traktor version for the iPad, Traktor DJ.

Technics SL-1200MK2

The technics and successor, the crosses classic ergonomic aesthetic timeless design with reliable durable performance,and single handedly created a musical phenomenon

toast launcher

Make breakfast fun again with a toaster catapult/trebuchet! Set the angle, position your plate, and set the toaster. This toaster will launch that piece of toast out when it’s toasted. Unfortunately, this isn’t a real item, but a design idea

Digital Pot - Tells You What the Plant Needs

Pet Plant: this high tech pot reads soil for nutrients, humidity, and temperature. Then the LCD screen displays a face showing how the plant 'feels'. This would probably be the only way to keep a plant alive under my care.