Early childhood nature play

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children are sitting around a table with bowls and plates on it that have plants growing out of them
Engage Your Early Learners using Provocations - Educa
Picture Source: Willow School:Provocations on the Playground
a wooden sculpture made out of logs sitting on top of grass next to the ocean
Log stacker. Tree cookies, wood blocks and scraps painted by kids.
a young boy is playing in the sand near a small stream and plants with text overlay that reads make a river imaginative play in the sandpit
This would be good as an Amazon rain forest small world
there are many different frames on the table
Provocation allows children to translate their thinking…
Set up empty picture frames and natural items and encourage kids to create their own images
there is a small garden with rocks and plants
Landscaping Natural Playspaces for Children - Our Progress so far... - The Empowered Educator
Trucks rocks and sands
a young boy sitting in front of a tree stump with several pieces of wood on it
Natural Play Space.
The Enchanted Tree: Natural Play Space. So much to love here
the different types of greenery are shown in this poster, which includes leaves and other plants
Amazing Greenery & Botanical, Foliage & Herbs Garden Natural Wedding Decor! Perfect for an Outdoor Winter or Rustic Wedding! Greenery is trending! Shop Afloral.com for silk greenery that never wilts. #uniqueweddingflowers
a tent that has been decorated with ribbons and streamers in the grass, surrounded by potted plants
Art & Grandmother Wisdom
Artsy tent for a fun summer project! Read my article on making art with grandchildren
a square frame with plants growing out of it on the ground next to some leaves
Outdoor Training, Coaching & Development for schools
Creating nature art in a stick frame - always guide your groups not to pick too much - try and find things already loose on the ground.
an image of wooden toys made to look like animals and trees with text overlay that says how to make nature blocks
How to Make Waldorf-Inspired Nature Blocks: DIY Tutorial
How to Make Waldorf-Inspired Nature Building Blocks for Children: DIY Toy Tutorial
a sculpture made out of branches and plants
garden loom
a young boy is reaching up to the wall with some plants hanging from it's hooks
grass heart wands are the perfect way to decorate your home for valentine's day
A simply beautiful Grass Heart Craft - Mother Natured
Grass Heart Nature Craft #naturecraft #valentinesday