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How Big Are The Biggest Squid, Whales, Sharks, Jellyfish?

A few years ago, Carl Zimmer and I ran a workshop on science writing, where we talked, among other things, about explaining science without talking down to your audience. It apparently left an impression on Craig McClain, a marine biologist and blogger who was in the audience. “I made a comment about how I always […]


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Gary Larson The Far Side Daily Comic Strip Original Art - May 21, 2010 | Heritage Auctions in TX

Gary Larson The Far Side Daily Comic Strip Original Art dated 2-12-83 (Chronicle Features, 1983). Cartoonist Larson p... on May 21, 2010

Sob stories on Imgur

Sob stories on Imgur

1894 votes and 4542 views on Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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The Complete Farside

When I was growing up I was a huge fan of newspaper comic strips. I remember reading those mass...

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À la pointe de la cruauté

Je me lève tous les jours avec jubilation à trois heures du matin pour avaler des litres du café le plus noir sans sucre, fumer les cigarettes les plus fortes, picorer du Chamfort, du Lichtenberg, du La Fontaine, gratter le crâne de la lune, noter le plus lentement possible les vacheries les plus expéditives, et partir en chasse de dessins de Gary Larson sur la toile endormie. L. W.-O. Gary Larson click to enlarge !!!!

Science facts

Science facts

853 points • 139 comments - Science facts - IWSMT has amazing images, videos and anectodes to waste your time on

20 Useful Lifehacks Every Pet Owner Should Know | IFLScience
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20 Useful Lifehacks Every Pet Owner Should Know

From cat breath to dogs going crazy during a thunderstorm, living with a pet isn’t always as idyllic as the dog food commercial suggests. However, l

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