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an indoor basketball court with many people playing
a plan with different colors and lines on it
A Fraction Of The Whole: Photo
Mainly about things that are related to spatial configurations, their design or management
an illustrated diagram shows the various parts of a building and how they are connected to each other
James Castilla | arquitectura, diseño y arte
the diagram shows how to use different types of materials in an architectural design project, including floor
SEQUENCE.DENSE. - Project : Unbuilt
a line graph shows the number of individuals in each individual
Trabajos Prácticos | Taller Bielsa
an architectural diagram shows the various areas in which people can see what they are doing
Trabajos Prácticos
Trabajos Prácticos | Taller Kingsland
a white poster hanging on the wall
an architectural drawing shows the various sections of a building and how they are used to make it
an architectural brochure is shown with many different images and text, including buildings
Gallery of Archstorming Announces Winners of Mosul Postwar Camp Competition - 10
an architectural rendering shows the various sections of a building and its surrounding courtyards, trees, and buildings
THIRD PRIZE – Architectural Competition For The Creation of The Cultural Village of Lemba, Paphos
an architectural drawing shows people walking and sitting on benches in the middle of a park
Trabajos Prácticos