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Love #Burleigh in #summer #beautiful

Love #Burleigh in #summer #beautiful

Justin Lane #Burleigh Heads #happy

Justin Lane Pizzeria & Bar - find them at: Cnr Justin Lane & 1708 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220

#Burleigh Heads #beautiful my favourite part of the Gold Coast

Burleigh Heads, my favourite part of the Gold Coast

Baked potato wedges @

Heathier potato wedges baked in the oven. This recipes uses onion and garlic powder but you can use other seasoning or even dried herbs.

Oven baked potato chips @

These chips are delicious. We ended up modifying the cooking time based on our oven and the amount/thickness of chips. So far we have found Kennebec potatoes work well.