Wombat. They love eating the grass near by bedroom window at night

Wombats are marsupial diggers. Their pouches are upside down because they don't want to get dirt in their pouches.

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Tea Cozy Wombat - ECO Limited Edition Archival Print by Renee Trembl at ReneesArtwork on Etsy


I used this fabric to make a bag to hold the "wombat poop." I felt like the Mary Poppins of poop.

Wombat Pillowcase with Boy facing Right. by flossypArt on Etsy

Items similar to Wombat pillowcase with boy, facing right. Australian Gift with original art by flossy-p.

As the tired wombat tries to get some rest, he is gradually surrounded by familiar Australian birds such as kookaburras, magpies and galahs. Description from kids-bookreview.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

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Moleskine Journal: Wombat, Hand illustriert - Blank oder ausgekleidet

Moleskine Journal: Wombat, Hand Illustrated - Blank or Lined